You are a business owner, an individual who wants to import products from China to Vietnam. You don’t know where to start to learn the process to be able to import. So let’s learn more about the steps that not everyone knows through the article below.


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Process of importing products from China to Vietnam

Process products imported from directly

This is the process that you personally, or business, companies stand to directly import products. As well as the relevant documents such as import documents, … Enterprises will bear full responsibility 5 years for customs authorities and 10 years for the tax authorities.

Step 1. Find suppliers of products and reference price.

– About goods: Name of goods, quality of goods, packaging specifications, price, production time, limited use of goods, ….

– Regarding export business: scale of the company , address, tel, email, … Market of the business, product highlights, …

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Before importing, you should find the product supplier and consult the price

Step 2. Order

You can submit paper orders for exporters or email. You can transfer money in the bank.

Step 3 . International payments

Time payment based on the contract between the two parties. International payment should fully prepare such documents already in the case of 2-party agreement.

Step 4. Profile import international standards

– Name, number, total amount

– Origins, this information is very important, without this information will discourage your customs during transportation.

– Terms of Payment: You need to consider many angles Light: the time of payment, delivery time, ship time, both shipping time again.

dich vu hai quan

International standard import records

Step 5. Prepare documents and do customs clearance in Vietnam

As mentioned above, for each type, each type of item will require different vouchers. There will be some necessary documents here.

– Contract

– Commercial invoice

– List of goods

– Certificate of origin

– Phytosan plant quarantine

– Quality publication

– Certificate of quality inspection

– VV ….

Step 6. Take the goods and take the goods to the warehouse.

After completing all procedures to be able to import goods. You just need to hire vehicles to be able to transport warehouse goods.

Importing products from China indirectly:

Indirect imports of Chinese goods are also called entrusted imports. This is the way that individuals, businesses, and companies are not eligible for legal status to be able to stand by themselves, or hire intermediaries to save costs and time.

If new businesses, who do not know much about the procedures, should look to the units that provide services to import agents. They will take care of all records, procedures and replace you with a foreign contract. To be able to import goods for you. Goods with 100% insurance, you will be compensated when the goods are damaged or damaged. Import trust will help you avoid more risks.

Uy thac nhap khau Sai gon Tien Doan

Importing products from China indirectly helps you avoid risks

Above is the process of importing products in China to Vietnam under both indirectly and directly. Hopefully the article will help you better understand and be able to import goods from the most favorable one.

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