Besides the well-known brands such as eBay, Taobao, Alibaba Amazon … Then also is one of the e-commerce channel is extremely popular all over the world in general and China in particular. The company was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma head. It provides you with millions of products from hundreds of different suppliers worldwide, so no product that you will not find anything to see on the page

mua hàng trên alibab

With a network of powerful sales website, Alibaba has quickly captured the market’s biggest online sales in China and become an integral part of people’s not here. HBS Vietnam will share experiences on Alibaba buying.

Advantages of Alibaba

– Simplify the way by setting purchase order fast interface and fast payment system.

– Sourcing from Alibaba always abundant, rich and varied.

– Help consumers can easily choose the type of merchandise you want.

– The quality of goods on Alibaba are guaranteed, fast delivery team, accurately.

– Demand for purchase on Alibaba in Vietnam as well as countries around the world are constantly increasing.

Online shopping experience on Alibaba

  • Making the account to buy product.

When buying any product in any what ecommerce sites from the public, the first thing you need to register an account to be able to buy goods on the web.

Can order online on the web and then ship to Vietnam are or may choose products and thanks to the help of these companies specializes receive oder map.

In Alibaba will post both the wholesale price and retail price, buy more the price will decrease. This is very useful with those who want business is sourcing.

  • see the goods on Alibaba


Sites Ecommerce other goods on Alibaba plenty and abundance, so to find the items according to your needs as quickly as you can click on the search box and then type the phrase “product “you are looking for and enter, this will help the system will filter out the right product to your needs quickly. Besides, you can also enter product price ranged from how much or choose your nearest area to make purchases, to help ship money.

Selection of products and reputable distributors.


In Abibaba is no exception, the reputation of the shop will be shoppers ranked in order from low to high the name of the shop below. Evaluation board include hearts, diamonds, silver crown, golden crown.

+ Heart Level: The level of low prestige.

+ Diamond Level: The level of average reputation.

+ Crown Silver Level: The level of good reputation.

Crown Gold + Level: The level of the best reputation.

Based on these results, you can easily know where the shop is reputable and shop where no brand. To buy products with good quality, you should choose the shop with high confidence level and is assessed by multiple diamond or crown.

Not all shops are rated heart reputable shop low, because maybe they should not receive a new operation is much appreciated from our customers. So, check out their more established day to look more accurate.

Under each product will also have comments, reviews of people who have purchased the item for product quality, delivery service and customer care. This is the objective evaluation is the most fair way that you should rely on to consider whether to buy or not, in order to avoid these troubles, troubles in the buying process.

– Read product parameters.lua-chon-san-pham-va-shop-ban-hang-uy-tin

When deciding to buy a certain product, you should not ignore such factors as price, color, quantity, size, cost and special ship is the reputation of the shop.

Alternatively, you can chat directly with subscribers to sell this product for more information about the product.

– Payment methods.


Mainly payment method when shopping on Alibaba’s Alipay or Paypal there. Alibaba before buying you must ensure that this account. This approach is often safer than the use of international payment cards.

The majority of shops are available on Alibaba intermediary services on Alibaba receiving ship goods to take Vietnam. But this solution is often high cost, delay line and the occurrence of risk as damaged goods, take … You will be very difficult to solve with partners. So advice to you would be to buy the selected units, shipping Alibaba in Vietnam to safer, but do not forget to choose the prestige address, quality slightly.

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