You’ra looking to import goods from China io Vietnam? If you are not experienced import Chinese goods will inevitably encounter obstacles such as :

✰ You will have difficulties in communication language with the modern people in China and nobody ensures that your goods will be transported to a safe place and not damaged.

✰ Many oder services imported from China only receive large orders that bypass the small order like yours.

✰ time items get quite long and your job is to look forward to each day when the goods were not to get your hand.

Understand the fear that, HBS Vietnam has launched services to import goods from China will help you and those who have no experience can easily import the goods from China to Vietnam pharmaceutical easily than.

Service of importing Chinese goods

Why you should use the goods and services imported from China to Vietnam

✤ Get sourcing goods in the e-commerce websites in China: HBS Vietnam is a professional unit in order imported Chinese goods, orders Guangzhou cheap, order goods on the website e-commerce in China Nations such as,,,

✤ Vietnam HBS team with many years of experience: With a team of support staff, order Chinese import professional, dynamic, young, fluent in Chinese transactions, experienced

✤ Enter goods retail and wholesale goods difficult: Vietnam HBS receives order for importing goods from China to Vietnam wholesale and retail all the items not included in the prohibited list of government regulations.

✤ Ensure freight: When there is damage or loss occurring during transport. So you can be assured we are committed to refund 100% of our customers use shipping service from China to Vietnam of Vietnam HBS

✤ Someone confirm and tally: We have confirmed and even warehouse goods inspection before sending. Thereby ensuring complete your goods and better quality.

✤ Do not collect any costs incurred when the deal: Before receiving the shipment we charged the entire cost with customers and how detailed each kind of different. So when receiving goods, we will not collect any fees from customers.

Import goods on e-commerce website from China

Share these tips when importing goods from China to Vietnam

About product quality: you do not worry by 90% compared with the quality of the image is real because to attract tourists, the shop must use good lighting effects, beautiful form. So when the goods, the image we see in the photo is not sparkling as well as one very common problem. HBS Vietnam will assist our customers to advise you of the best workshops, factory assessment, product information, to have the choice of most reliable manufacturer.

Read carefully before order: Selection of service providers ordering Guangzhou prestige and responsibility to be able to get the experience or useful advice. Reduce risks in the buying process. Trial is the best way for you to find a good service provider

About shipping time: Nothing can be easier if you ask HBS Vietnam freight from China to Vietnam.

If you have any questions fret when importing goods from China to Vietnam Please contact us for advice and support as possible. All the information when importing goods, please contact us for advice and the best answer. All the details you can contact;


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