You are wondering how much capital it takes to sell Chinese fashion goods. What do you need to be aware of when you do not have experience when trading products on taobao or importing goods on taobao? Below HBS Vietnam will share with you more experiences to be able to successfully trade when importing taobao goods. Let’s find out.

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Experience in importing taobao goods

1.Business goods:

Before starting a business, you should carefully identify what product you want to trade. Do not see every seller who sells you also import goods to sell. Ideal products for business must meet 2 requirements: it is a commodity with a long-term market, your favorite item

2.Need shops and staff to do business:

You do not need shops and staff to do business. When I first started selling products. You should not order massively, even if you see that product has many buyers. You need a product trial for a while on fb and online channels. If you see a sale you can collect goods.

Note when entering taobao goods to sell

At the beginning of the sale phase, 90% of the shops that are in trouble are detected by the masses and cannot sell. Principle number 1 when selling is: NEVER HUG  GOODS . You can sell orders or contact suppliers to get the most easily available sources of stock and should not hug too many quantities to avoid inventory.

What is the biggest cost in sales?

The biggest cost in sales is the cost of importing goods. The source and quantity of goods you enter are 80% successful in sales. Do you understand the importance of reputable supplies?

There are 2 ways to import Chinese goods, if you are not experienced then you should choose option 2

Method 1: You directly go to China to judge

Method 2: You use the order service of a 3rd unit

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The secret to successful Chinese ordering

The helpful advice for you is: In the early stages of starting a business, you should choose a Chinese ordering service to import goods. This way will at least save you at least 10 million in accommodation, travel expenses, interpreting … and tens of millions of bargaining chips. Any Chinese seller has the ability to speak very skillfully. You will definitely be bought expensive if you do not have bargaining experience when shopping. Commodities on online websites such as taobao are listed on price, so you can get rid of fees

However, when your shop is big enough, you can go to China to shop. This will save you a lot of money when you can choose products and check the quality of goods. In the first trips you should go with other experienced reviewers. After a few trips, you are quite proficient then you can go alone.

Above are the experiences when importing goods, importing Chinese goods is easier. If you have any concerns when importing Chinese taobao goods, please contact us for the most enthusiastic advice and support. You can contact 0938 11 6869 or 024 36262288 or website for private advice.


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