Services entrusted import and export is necessary when business owners want to import or export goods to Vietnam goods abroad, but do not do that through the company entrusted import and export services entrusted implementation. This is one of the business of import and export service package is currently receiving service companies perform.

What is services entrusted import and export support for business :

Benefits of using the services entrusted import and export :

⇒Enterprises do not have professional experience in importing and exporting goods, working with foreign partners, the process of contact, billing, local law countries in international trade

⇒New businesses established, no separate import and export departments, want to focus on business, production and distribution of its strengths

⇒These individuals have no legal status, should not be named as import and export procedures, contracts with partners is a foreign enterprise

⇒A lot of work to be done smoothly: the procedures of customs, freight forwarding, solve arising problems in the procedures of customs documents, import and export will make difficult business does not specialize Import exports, while companies import and export services entrusted completed smoothly and on time.

dich vu hai quanJSC trading & services HBS perform import and export service package for its customer business during the period of more than 10 years.

With the motto pro – efficient – safe – fast – saving, JSC Trading & Services HBS, we always get the satisfaction and prosperity of customers is the motto and the future development of we.