If you are intending to import cheap Chinese goods to the business, but you have not experienced the import? You worry during sourcing and shipping quality? Here HBS Vietnam will share tells you how to import cheap Chinese goods trade and help business become easier.

Why do so many people import cheap Chinese goods for business?

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Importing China goods is easier in HBS Vietnam

As we have seen consumers Vietnam has been consumed mostly Chinese products such as household items, fashion, … Because it brings the price is quite cheap, quality is quite stable making consumers Vietnam consumes quite a lot.

+ Variety of designs, types and sizes: from clothes and shoes to household items, if you buy Chinese products will find them there are many types and designs. Depending on the preferences of each person will have different choices.

+ Quality goods : You will be hard to believe when we assert quality Chinese goods. However, it is a truism. There are many items you purchase in China better in Vietnam. Clothing such example, our material well, without causing excessive wrinkles or elasticity. And many other items as well.

+ Cheap price : Cheap is not shoddy goods. But because in China there are many factories kinds of items. In addition, wages are low here, combined with the raw materials in the water (no imports). Only for the reasons that they new low. Dom, not new goods are cheap.

+ Buy and sell easily: you can go to China hit row (because of being close to our country), or purchase through the famous sites of China. Buying process fast, simple and cost savings.

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Professional Chinese goods import

HBS share business experience when importing Chinese goods.

Certainly get cheap goods, quality is one of the factors that helped you a good start.

+ How to find the original source of Chinese goods like?

Made in China there are many types, but also a lot of pickup source. Often business people will have three principal forms pickup: buying at the wholesale market in Vietnam, to China hit goods and order goods via commercial websites in China.

Now we start the analysis (this is based on objective factors and not subjective). Get the goods at the wholesale market price will certainly high, there are not many items to choose from (like the rows looking for is also very difficult). Also to China hit the line just takes time, costs of travel and accommodation have to worry about your order. Forms take 3rd source seems rather than the two forms of rest, that is purchases through reputable sites will purchase guaranteed, low price which again saves time. Currently most of the business houses are now importing goods in the form of order goods through websites such as Taobao, 1688, tmall, alibaba, …

However, if you have not experienced Chinese goods imported to ask guidance or help of HBS Vietnam. You can contact us via the Hotline: 0938 11 6869 for assistance quickly as possible.